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Financial Education

At Merrick Financial Group, we firmly believe the key to financial empowerment is knowledge, which is why we adhere to an “education-first” approach in everything we do. Before we offer any advice, or make any recommendations, our sole obligation is to provide the information and resources our clients need to make well-informed decisions with the utmost clarity, confidence and comfort.

We accomplish this in several ways:

  • Financial Education Training Seminars
  • Individual consultations as part of our complimentary Financial Review process

Personal financial reviews that will focus on your finances with one of our tenured financial planners.

At Merrick Financial Group, the financial education process doesn’t stop there. We work with each of our clients to continuously assess their financial situation and understand how changing personal circumstances and economic conditions can impact their ability to achieve their long-term goals.

Personalized Education

As part of its “education-first” approach, the professionals at Merrick Financial Group offer a complimentary, no-obligation Financial Review to help bring clarity to each individual’s finances and aspirations. We accomplish this through individual consultations as part of the Financial Review process.

By the end of the review, we can provide you with a complete understanding of your current financial situation and where you stand in relation to your most important financial goals. We help you map out a path to your goals by spending the time necessary to help you fully understand the options available to you.

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