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Retirement Planning

For law enforcement, the prospect of working towards an early retirement can be both alluring and stressful. Much needs to be planned to ensure a successful transition from a law enforcement career into civilian life, especially when you consider that it could span another three or four decades. Although the possibility of a second career could enhance transitioning law enforcement members’ financial position, it still requires thoughtful planning to help ensure the retirement assets are there to produce a lifetime of income that will support your vision of a good life.

At Merrick Financial Group, we work with you to create clear path to a retirement you envision by helping you to

  • Clarify and define your retirement goals
  • Select solutions that fit your needs
  • Invest your assets according to your objectives and risk profile
  • Optimize your pension options
  • Monitor and measure your progress towards your goal
  • Stay informed on things that matter to you

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